Published June, 2014










Buy The Shade Clan on

Buy The Shade Clan on

Anything could be happening in that place. In that post-industrial wilderness reclaimed by nature; the place they know as The Shade.

When Tom and his friends discover the vast, overgrown quarry, they know it’s the perfect location to establish their camp and learn to survive in the wild. But something else has been drawn there. Something nightmarish, unspeakable.

Through a chance discovery, they step into a world existing alongside the world they know, where great darkness dwells behind the brightest of lights.

What is living in that forgotten hole in the ground, and how is Aleksander, the charismatic stranger who comes into their lives, connected to what they’ve encountered?

Enthralled and afraid, Tom, Katya, Cal and Annabelle and are soon asking themselves if anyone can be trusted, if anything is at it seems.

Download samples:

The Shade Clan – Chapter 1 excerpt
The Shade Clan – Chapter 1 excerpt 2
The Shade Clan, excerpt 3



Published June, 2012

Buy Elsham’s End on

Buy Elsham’s End on

Something is living in ‘Elsham’s End’. Something dark and unearthly. And it’s all John Silverwood’s fault.

How has he brought this malevolent entity into his beloved family house? Simply by falling for Rhian. She is not what she seems; she is at the centre of a horrific episode in her family’s past, an episode they have told her nothing about.

Is she somehow connected with the fire that wipes out an entire family, just a hundred yards from ‘Elsham’s End’? Why does John keep hearing someone knocking on his door when he is alone in the house? And who goes into his 5 year old brother’s room to play with his toys in the dead of night?

Innocent of the danger they are in, John and Rhian follow their hearts into darkness, bringing about the repercussions of events from 17 years before.

Elsham’s End is a compelling story of the paranormal, of possession and secret lives.



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