“I didn’t sleep well that night. I could hear Uncle Clive muttering in his sleep across the landing. Most of it was incomprehensible nonsense, grunts, noises of dismay, and the one word I did understand made no sense to me: ‘Snowdrop.’

Whatever the significance of snowdrop was, he certainly was mighty upset about it. It sounded like he was almost crying in his sleep. He blubbed insensibly for a while, then said something quite clearly, something that I wish I hadn’t heard: ‘It’s waking up!'”


October 1979: Sent away from home after a mysterious incident at school, Daniel Edwards knows something is wrong the moment he arrives at his uncle’s house in Eversley. It’s not just the eerie deadness of the suburban streets – it’s Uncle Clive’s odd questions, the nonsensical things he mutters in his sleep, and the overwhelming dread Daniel feels when he looks at the tall oak trees in the garden.

He wanders the streets to escape from the house, and finds a large woodland in their midst – an ancient idyll, where he meets a beautiful young woman who pleads for his help.


Has Daniel been brought here for some reason he hasn’t been told? How real are his feelings for the girl? And why is Uncle Clive so interested in the incident that led to him being here in the first place?

The answers lie in the notebooks of Sylvia Critchlow, the local doctor in 1944, when Eversley was just a village, and something malevolent came to that remote community.

The Girl in Wildnerness Wood is a supernatural mystery, told between two time frames that overlap, to unravel the darkest of enigmas.


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