Today’s Top 10 Horror Authors

Horror Novel Reviews

Cive Barker

It’s all but impossible to please everyone when it comes to any form of top 10 lists. We’re all gifted minds of our own, which enable us to conjure our own personal opinions which make any piece of this nature a simple matter of subjectivity. No one will agree with this list in its entirety, that’s just not going to happen, and I’m happy about that. We’re not drones. We think for ourselves. We function in life without the luxury of a (literal and figurative) hand to hold at all times.

So as you read this piece, view it not as a lesson in objectivity, but a guideline of sorts. If you’re foreign to any of these authors (not sure how that’s possible), hopefully you’ll find reason to invest a little time in their work. Every imagination that helps to comprise this list is remarkable in one right or another…

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