Through the edgelands of north Wirral: ‘complicated, unexamined places that thrive on disregard’

Unmentioned landscapes like this have been the inspiration for my recent writing…

That's How The Light Gets In

Edgelands 1b

‘A place as difficult to pin down and define as poetry, but like poetry you’d know it when you saw it. … Decay and stasis, but … also dynamic and mysterious’.

Who in their right mind would want to spend a wet and windy Saturday tramping the edgelands along the fringes of Birkenhead’s north end? Who would go, past the empty dock and the derelict grease manufacturing plant, over abandoned railway tracks, skirting the  waste recycling plant circled by flocks of rapacious seagulls? Who might follow the tracks over the landscaped landfill site and down beneath the graffitied piers of the motorway flyover?

Well, we did: twenty-odd of us in search of the authentic edgelands experience.  Led by Colin Dilnot, local writer and expert on many things (from soul music to Malcolm Lowry), the walk was organised by Liverpool’s Bluecoat Arts Centre as part of their current edgelands-themed season that…

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